Messaging Plugin for Xamarin 5

I’ve just pushed v5 of the Messaging Plugin to NuGet. The new version of the plugin has been reworked to support .NET Standard. Besides .NET Standard support, some other minor fixes/enhancements were also made. Here’s the full Change Log:

  • Upgrade to .NET Standard
  • Android: Update to newer Support Libraries (v25.3.1)
  • Android: Fix support for formatting number using country’s default convention on API 21 and later. See PhoneSettings.DefaultCountryIso.
  • Android: Fix HTML formatting on Android N (API 24) and later
  • iOS: Improve IPhoneCallTask.CanMakePhoneCall on iOS to check support of url and connection to a carrier
  • iOS: Fix issue with email client not appearing
  • UWP: Updated to latest UWP platform
  • Breaking Change: Remove Windows Store support
  • Breaking Change: Remove deprecated MessagingPlugin facade